Tundra Media is a full service production company with specialization in animation and visual effects as well as environmental and emergency services productions. As an award winning production company, the quality of our work and our dedication is what sets us apart. We utilize some of the top talent in our industry, and we work with most formats. Our products have been produced for large formats such as film, HD and JumboTron, all the way down to streaming content for the web.  Here are just a few of the services we can provide either internally or through our associates.

General Services & Coordination

  • Video Pre-Production
    • Concept Development
    • Script Development
    • Budgeting
    • Production Planning
    • Storyboard Development
  • Video Production
    • Direction
    • Crew Services
    • Safety Services
  • Video Post Production
    • Editing
    • Animation & Visual Effects
    • Color Correction
    • Audio & Music Management
    • Voice Over & Foley


  • Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
    • Motion Tracking & Match Moving
    • Rotoscoping
    • Chroma Keying
    • Compositing
    • Photogrammetry
    • Particle & Motion Effects
  • Animation
    • 2D Animation (cell & cutout)
    • 3D Animation (photo-real & stylized)
    • Crowd Dynamics & Simulations
    • Game Asset Development
    • Character Development
    • Forensic Reconstruction
    • Digital Sculpting
  • Environmental Productions
  • Emergency Services Productions