Big! New! Shiny!

Okay, perhaps the headline is a bit over the top, but how else can you describe what amounts to a massive re-tooling of our company. During the recession while many other organizations were cutting back we spent our time expanding and improving our services.

Over the past few years, we have expanded our focus from broadcast, and digital media to include game asset development services and enhanced previsualization. If you've seen the movie Avatar, you might have some idea of many of the production tools we use. We have expanded our client communications capability by providing online project review and project management tracking, and we have also changed our look.

Internally we have continued out industry outreach by advancing our media intern program, and we have provided testing and feedback for both Autodesk and NVIDIA. It may not sound like much, but these projects represent the equivalent of putting a Formula One racing engine into an old Buick. Oh, and the title...well it's really an homage to one of our close friends who has a bit of ADHD. "Squirrel!"