Freelance: Tundra Media is always looking for talented freelance artists and animators.  If you have skills in the following areas, we welcome you to submit a resume, demo reel and any other materials you feel may best represent your qualifications.  

  • 2D Animators
  • 3D Animators (3DS Max preferred)
  • Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Artists
  • Storyboard Artists
  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Directors of Photography (Video & Film)

Tundra Media may not be able to respond to specific inquiries, but all submissions will be reviewed and evaluated for any future positions that may become available.

Please note that as we are unable to return any submissions received, it is important that applicants not send original copies of their work.

Internship: If you are looking for an opportunity to learn production techniques, visual effects, animation and other multimedia skills in a working environment, then we are looking for you.   While we offer a very limited unpaid intern program for very select individuals, we offer much more than might be expected from a typical internship.  

Interns are considered as integral as other staff members, and we spend considerable time and energy providing an environment that helps extend their marketability in the production and visual effects industry.  To date, all of our prior interns are currently working in the production industry and we have hired from this pool in the past.

Applicants should have a desire to learn many areas of production and visual effects development as specialization in one area is not an option.   It is essential that candidates be willing to commit to at least 16- 20 hours per week based on a standard business work schedule with programs lasting between 3-6 months depending on availability.  

Successful candidates can expect job assignments that incorporate pre-production, production and post production phases of development.  Candidates may be expected to deal with clients directly, and will be expected to perform under the stress of impending deadlines.